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                                            After 6 months i have lost over 1 stone in weight & over 50 cms & have toned up &                                            .                                             I would not achieved this without Andy's help & experience                                                   .                                                                   Lois Florence













    LOIS                                                                                                               SALLY











I started at Andy's fitness/circuits class then Andy trained me & adviced me to                                                                         lose weight & tone up, ive lost over 2 & half stone, over 4% body fat & over 70cms off                                                        my body measurements & ive now started running                              Sally Smith






Andy has trained me for 7 months, I have

lost over 2 stone & toned up thanks to Andy's

advice & having personal training

with him.                                                                                                                                      


                        Sarah  from Thorney                      












Andy has helped me with my running as he has trained me for many half marathons & he is trained me for the London marathon, with his help I achieved my marathon goal & with his experience of running & fitness training he helped me do the right training at the right time & give me the right advice what he has always done.





Aged early 40's, feeling out of shape and overweight, I saw Andy's advert for personal training. I knew that joining a gym would not work, I don't like the atmosphere and I have joined in previous years and never gone through the door. I needed motivation, encouragement and a fair bit of pushing. I didn't want to run marathons, but I did want to lose weight and tone up. That was about 18 months ago.

On meeting Andy I was honest, I didn't enjoy exercise, I didn't really want a personal trainer but I knew that I needed one. I am a convert! I have a session with Andy twice a week, and have gone from overweight to happy with my weight, able to buy whatever clothes I want as they fit nicely and I feel SO much better! I have more energy, I sleep better, I feel strong and healthy and best of all, my shape has changed for the better, I have a waist! I also now actually look forward to my training sessions, something I never thought would happen.

I am not a natural, it has been hard work but Andy always makes it fun without losing the focus on what is needed. I can't believe it but I am now running 5.5 miles with Andy, having not been able to run for even a few metres when I met him. His knowledge is great, I am constantly amazed at how many different exercises and techniques appear each week, it is never dull, always enjoyable and I would recommend him to anyone.

           Karen Dickinson




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