Testimonal 2


I am Irene and one of Andy’s half marathon gang, or better known as “Andy’s angels and Richard”. I had been running for about 2 years and taken part in a few 10 k races but never thought it possible to run the crueling distance of 13.1 m…..until a fateful day in May when Andy offered a meeting to discuss the Great Eastern Half Marathon coming up in October…. and I somehow found myself asking Andy for a training plan. At the end of May our little team of 4 girls and Richard (only Sue is an experienced marathon and half marathon runner – the rest of us embarked on this adventure for the first time) started regular training sessions four times a week. This included long runs in various parts of the area, interval training and circuit training with core strengthening and stability exercises. It was not until I had a few 10 m runs under my belt and suddenly felt a half marathon could be achievable that I registered myself for the Great Eastern Run in early August.


The training over the summer has been great fun with varied long runs, discovering new parts of the area on foot, even searching out some hills for that extra effort. The hard road to success was usually softened by carrot cake (thank you Sue and Richard), jelly babies, Latte coffees and more.  The training sessions have thanks to Andy always been light-hearted and despite the odd aches and niggles we sailed through the weeks and months of treading the roads without injuries.


The big day finally arrived and again we stood united as a team at the start line and with lots of last minute encouragement and reassurance from Andy we set off to do our best and most of all enjoy the experience.


We ran the half marathon under a glorious autumn sky with great support from the people of Peterborough and sooner (Richard and Sue) or later (Irene, Debbie and Sharon) we reached the finish line and our individual goals. I need to add here that Richard and Debbie have only started running earlier this year and were going from strength to strength during training and the final run. Sharon who struggles with asthma at times never gave up and carried on with great determination and an iron will.


The elation and exhilaration after the event was tremendous and we couldn’t stop big smiles, bear hugs, and even a few tears. We met for a final debrief and for some re-fuelling after the day’s event for an evening meal. Sue and Andy, our leading lights were presented with a hard earned and well deserved present each and then we got down to serious business in the shape of steaks the size of a satellite dish (yes, Richard) and a multi-storey hamburger (yes, Sharon).


We are all wearing our trophy Perkins Great Eastern Run 2012 t-shirts with great pride and are already busy planning our next races and challenges – the gang and I can’t wait to get stuck into more training and events, Andy!


Finally, a very big thank you to Andy for his support and help with training and keeping us focused and motivated and Sue for her more quiet input (if you know Andy you will understand what I am talking about ) – your half marathon gang are very grateful; we simply couldn’t have done it without you.

                                                              Irene Lane




TheHalf marathon Gang (Andys Angels & Richard) Helped & trained for the 2012 Great eastern run & all done superb.

Photo on left taken during a training run.

Photo below the gang on the day of the Great Eastern Run with family members