Circuit/Fitness Class

Everybody is welcome new to fitness & want to get fit - want to get fitter - want to lose weight - want to acheive a fitness goal or want to try something different

          its good for people who want to improve core strength for there chosen sport or to get fitter                      


The circuits are in a group format which can be good for your fitness gains & can be fun.


You will get a full body workout I will be instructing the class all the time so I will be able to make sure all exercises are done properly with the correct technique so you will get your fitness gains.


There will be lots of diffrent exercises, Core exercises,Leg exercises, weight exercises, mat exercises, C.V exercises, strength conditioning, Kettlebell exercises & many more to suit everybody.


I will show you alternatives to suit your level of fitness every week there will be diffrent exercises.


      At the end you will warm down & do a group exercise which will be fun.






                    Every Tuesday at The old farm house Freston Paston Ridings, Behind fane clinic 7pm-8pm                     .                                                               will be doing a Fitness - Circuit class

                                                                          £5.00  under 16 £2

        The class will be outside or inside depending on time of year & weather, with lots of exercise equipment

                                                                   Just turn up everyone welcome  



Andy Harding Personal Training



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This class started in october 2009 its been in diffrent venues & its still going strong